It seems like such a long time ago since back in March 2020, when the advice, and subsequent legislation, meant we had to close our doors.

Here at Fuse Cinema, all of the team of volunteers are well, but we have missed the cinema being open, bustling with familiar faces, as well as wondering how all of you are doing.

As the situation has continued to unfold, we have repeatedly considered possible options, the building layout, seating separation, and so on. Aside from the physical considerations, nothing is more important to us than ensuring the safety of our patrons and volunteers alike. No matter how many times we have revised our plans, we keep coming back to the deciding that, even if we were able to (which currently, of course, we aren’t), it simply wouldn’t be in anyones interests to open in the current climate.

However, with the vaccine roll out underway, we’re optimistic that things could return to normal in the Spring so we’ve decided to aim for re-opening Fuse Cinema around the time that ‘No Time To Die’ – the latest in the Bond film series is released.

We, of course, will monitor closely the situation and any Government advice so this may change.

All being well we look forward to seeing you again this year.